Silage Formula is high grade co-extruded polyethylene film.

Low cost, easy to install solution to water storage. Dam Pond liners Melbourne

UV screening fabric to protect crops from sun & frost. Melbourne

Economical and effective way of securing silage covers.

A range of films, flooring products, screens and weaves.

High quality protection for fruit crops against birds, bats and hail.

Additional preservation layer used in conjunction with a silage cover.

 Environmentally friendly method of soil solarisation

Heavy duty Canvacon material custom made for your application.

High quality traps and covers for a wide range of asset protection.

Heavy duty knitted cloth for a wide range of applications.

Cost-effective solution to repairing tears  in your silage wrap.

Create new outdoor living areas with shade solutions from Geoff Miller.

Custom made wide plastic & poly sheeting for virtualy any application.

Low cost, high volume method of moving water. Water flume Melbourne

Gro-tuff UV stabilised patching tape for greenhouse film.