Aqua Flume


Our high-grade polyethylene aqua flume tubing is a low cost, low pressure, high volume method of moving water.

Also commonly used in the oyster industry to cover timber poles preventing worm infiltration.

Tubing Available in 100mm (4”), 150mm (6”) diameters (inflated size).

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When installing it is important to unpack and roll the flume out into position, avoiding sharp or abrasive ground or objects that could puncture or weaken the tube wall.

If T-Joints or elbows are required it is best to fit them at this time. Do this by slipping the flume over the PVC joint and binding with an agri-tape before securing with a hose clamp.

Should more than one length of flume be needed insert the upstream length of flume into the downstream length and secure with tape. As the flume expands when filled the flume will pressure seal together.

Now you can attach the fluming to the pump and secure with an end clamp.

Water pressure MUST be built up slowly to avoid over stressing the film.