Handyscreen UV Screening fabric for Greenhouse

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Handyscreen, although providing a low shade factor is in fact not a shadecloth. It is a UV screening fabric designed specifically to help protect crops from the harsh sun during Summer months and to act as an insulating protector from frosts during the Winter months.

Traditionally whitewash spray has been applied to poly greenhouses to reduce the burn to crops caused by UV radiation. The downside of this is the negative impact it has on vital growing light for the crop.

During heavy downpours, the whitewash is often washed away and needs to be reapplied. 

 Handyscreen helps distribute growing light evenly across the entire crop through the reflection scatter from its white surface and can provide additional storm protection to your Greenhouse cover.

Available in 50% and 70% UV block-out Handyscreen provides a reusable, effective solution to protecting and promoting growth for your crops.