Shade Sails

You can create new outdoor living and entertainment areas at a surprisingly low cost with Geoff Miller shade sails. If you have any queries, please contact  our staff on (03) 9597 0777 |

Our sails are designed and manufactured in Australia to meet our climate conditions and are custom fabricated to any shape, size and application.

Providing up to 90% UV protection, our shade sails are available in a range of grades and colours.

Manufactured using 100% monofilament yarn, all sails are made with a reinforced perimeter and stainless steel attachment points.

Sails feature a unique three way lock-stitch construction that ensures optimum performance in a wide range of applications and all weather extremes. Our shadecloth is designed to protect crops, stock, and other valuable assets by minimising damage from heavy rain, hail, frost, heat, wind and sun

We can create shade covers and panels for a wide range of applications and have 40 years experience in creating custom solutions to the nursery, domestic and agricultural industry.




  • High Tensile Strength
  • Stretch Resistance
  • UV Stabilised
  • Maximum Colour Retention 
  • Strong UV Barrier
  • Privacy
  • Damage Resistance
  • Strong Weather Resistance


Light Grey

Light Green

Dark Green




At Miller’s we specialise in supplying and fabricating shade cloth product to meet virtually any customer requirement.

Manufactured using 100% monofilament yarn, our shadecloth retains the highest tensile strength to meet the demanding Australian conditions.

Available are 4 grades of material to suit all applications:

  • 50% (Light)
  • 70% (Medium)
  • 80% (Heavy)
  • 90% (Extra Heavy)

Our range of shadecloth is available in a wide array of colours and we specialise in making custom sized covers, panels and sails.

Colour Range:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Sandstone
  • Charcoal
  • Dark Green
  • Light Grey
  • Light Green

Do it yourself installation:

Provide us with exact measurements between fixing points around the perimeter and diagonal measurements if the shape is odd and isn’t square.

We will reduce the size of the sail slightly, so it can be brought under tension comfortably inside the fixing points. 

We will curve each edge of the cloth so the cover becomes flattened under tension.

We recommend that you differentiate the heights of the fixing points, so a twist in the sail is achieved, enabling water run off.