Silage Formula – THE name in Australian silage since 1970

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Silage Formula™ product is a high grade co-extruded polyethylene film. The core of the film’s strength lies in its multi-layer extrusion technology which bonds 3 layers of polymer into one high strength film. Silage Formula™ product incorporates premium German manufactured plastic tailored for Australian conditions along with the most sustainable and effective UV stabilisers available.

Our product technology, combined with our fabrication and manufacturing process, is designed to provide the maximum protection possible for your silage bunkers & pits, assisting in the optimisation of your silage fermentation process and the paramount prevention of punctures, tears and spoilage.

  • Standard Film Widths:

    6m      9m     10m     12m     15m     18m   20m   22m

    24m    27m   30m    36m and 45m

    or welded to your specification






    Available in 50m rolls, 200-300m Jumbo rolls or welded to any specification.


150 um

200 um

300 um

UV stabilization

8400 MJ.m­­־²

8400 MJ.m­­־²

4200 MJ.m­­־²

Stress at break

MD 22 MPa

TD  24 MPa

MD 21 MPa

TD  21 MPa

MD 21 MPa

TD  21MPa

Strain at break

MD 620%

TD  810%

MD 620%

TD  770%

MD 500%

TD  700%

Force at break

MD 33 N/cm

TD  36 N/cm

MD 42 N/cm

TD  42 N/cm

MD 63 N/cm

TD  63 N/cm

Dart Drop

480 g

630 g

650 g