Vacuum Film

RKW’s Vacuum Film acts as a light, flexible, minimum permeability preservation layer which lies below a silage cover. Vacuum Film exhausts internal air pockets within the silage pit, creating a perfectly anaerobic environment. The combination of moisture in the fodder and the low thickness of the film results in surface tension closing adhesion between the two surfaces within the pit/bunker.


Agricultural research has proved that successful fermentation and the long-term stability of the silage depends on the initial consumption rate of oxygen by microorganisms. Perfect anaerobic conditions within the clamp must therefore be maintained during the storage period. Air must not be allowed in the pit.

More and more farmers are using two films to cover their silage pits – a transparent vacuum (underlay) film of 40 micron and the standard silage film on top.

    • Added Silage Shield – Should the upper silage film be damaged, oxygen is prevented from entering the pit by the protective vacuum film.
    • Water Resistance – Water may come through the hole but will drop onto the under-layer film and not into the pit.
    • Air Sealed Preservation – Less air entrapment within silage pit & Reduced oxygen permeability
    • Ensured Coverage – Better quality of silage fodder
    • Increased milk yield & Better milk quality
    • Reduced animal health costs

Available sizes:

  • 8m x 50m
  • 12m x 50m
  • 18m x 50m

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